Who are these workshops for?

We run workshops for anyone and everyone who are interested in getting their hands dirty or exploring their creative side. We cater to working with clients in tech, corporate offices, nonprofits and a range of industries.

Is it okay if I haven’t drawn since childhood or that one college art class I took?

Absolutely. We work with people who haven’t held a paintbrush in years and don’t consider themselves “creative.” We believe art is about enjoying the process of creation rather than trying to control the results. The only requirement is an open mind and a willingness to play.

Can I book a workshop as a team building or off-site activity?

Definitely. We offer unique ways for colleagues to come together through creative exploration while deepening their appreciation of art. For example, painting workshop participants can collaborate to create a mural for their office or the local community.

Where are you based?

Our studio space is located in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco. However, most of our clients set up workshops in offsite spaces.

Do you offer on-site workshops?

Yes, we typically run workshops at our clients’ offices or meeting places. We can transform one of your meeting rooms into a temporary art studio. We’ll bring all the supplies and clean up the room afterwards. You bring your co-workers and an open mind.

How long are workshops?

We offer workshops that run as short as two hours and as long as two to three days. We are flexible and love working with clients to customize truly unique experiences.

How many people can your workshops accommodate?

Our workshops can be designed for as few as 4 people and scale up to work with several hundred.

What kind of workshops do you offer?

We run a wide range of creative and visual art workshops peruse a list of possibilities here.

Are you willing to further customize your offerings?

Yes. If there’s an art form you’re curious about that’s not listed on the site, just ask. Want something longer, shorter or with a different focus? Just let us know and we can work together to tailor a workshop to fit your group’s needs.

How much do the workshops cost?

Workshop fees are based on time, number of participants, location and materials. Reach out for a free quote. We also love working with non-profits and B-corp companies. We do offer a sliding scale for these type of organizations. Just be in touch to discuss further.