Our events allow participants to use art and making as a facilitation tool for team building and invigorating creative process. Whether you are seeking an afternoon workshop for a small team to explore printing on fabric or a large collaborative and immersive event to create a site-specific installation, Proof Workshop will provide the creative tools and space for a collective perspective shift.

Workshops are flexibly designed to accommodate groups of any size, adapt to site requirements, and focus on specific goals for renewing creative partnerships, facilitating collaboration, learning through making, and simply having fun. We are happy to integrate meals and/or additional speakers or activities into the experience. Below is a non-exhaustive menu of possible explorations to use as a jumping off point. All the workshops are designed to be mobile and adaptable to new spaces and sites. Above all we work with clients to offer experiences that respond to specific group goals.

Workshops usually begin with a discussion illuminating a bit about the history of the process we'll be exploring and demo of the technique. Afterward the group dives right into exploring new processes and getting their hands dirty, working toward making a collaborative wall piece, an edition of text-based prints, hand-dyed silk swatches and more.

Screen Printing Basics

Learn about the versatile art of screen printing. The group will use hand cut stencils to create layered prints. Learn the basics of printing and layering color. Groups may create a unique tiled piece to be installed in the office or a series of layered prints on multiple surfaces (wood, plastic, paper, and/or fabric).

Poster Project

Poster Project (Letterpress or Screen Printing) Work collaboratively with your group to brainstorm a team slogan or statement, then design a text-based poster to be printed in a screen print or letterpress edition. Signage and/or t-shirts can also be produced as part of the workshop.

Textiles & Natural Dyes

 Learn about the Japanese art of shibori, a hand-dyeing tradition using patterned folds and binding techniques, while working with natural dyes made from locally sourced plants and vegetables. Participants will learn a bit about the sustainable fashion movement while creating several unique dyed pieces.

Woodblock Carving & Printing

Dive into the art of relief printing. Work collaboratively to carve a simple design into Japanese shina plywood, specifically made for woodblock printing. Learn the basics of relief printing by hand and produce a small edition of your unique block. Lasercut blocks will be on hand to experiment with as well and learn about how new technologies interface with this ancient art form.

Other Possible Workshop Themes Include:

  • Mobile Photography
  • The Language of Color
  • The Hand Bound Book
  • Mold-making and Small-scale Sculptural Works
  • Conceptual Non-object Based Artmaking
  • The art of refuse (creating art from purely recycled materials)
  • Edible art (referencing the history of the intersection of food within contemporary art)

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